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Beyond Insane

A Lee 'Apollo' Adama & Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace Community

Beyond Insane - Lee Adama & Kara Thrace
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Welcome to Beyond Insane, a community for fans of the relationship between Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama and Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace from Battlestar Galactica.

This community is a place to for fans of Kara/Lee to talk about their relationship on the show, be it romantic or otherwise. Fanfiction, fanart, icons and other creative endeavours are also welcome. You must join the community to post!

This community was founded by abby_i. It's currently maintained by ancarett, dramaturgca, and starbuck042786. If you have any questions. please feel free to contact one of us!

As with all communities, we do have a few rules we expect all members to follow.

General Community Rules
1. No flaming or personal attacks on other community members or fans. Anyone. Period!

2. No flaming or personal attacks on the cast and crew of the show. Anyone. Period!

3. This community is for fans of the Kara/Lee relationship. If you don’t like the pairing please don’t come here to rant about it. Your post will be deleted. Non-Kara/Lee fans are welcome to join of course, as long as they follow the rules.

4. If you’re making a long post, please place it under a LJ cut.

5. When posting images, please do not steal other people’s bandwidth by hotlinking. Upload you images to your own server or a free photo hosting website like PhotoBucket.

6. Please, please do not post using chat speak. It’s lazy, hard to read and looks messy.

7. Please note that this is a community for the mini-series/new series only, not the original.

8. Please do not post for the sole reason of pimping a community you have created or friends-locked post outside beyond_insane; all such posts will be deleted. Promoting a community is allowed if it is included in one of your regular posts.

Fanfiction Posts
1. If posting fanfiction, it must be under an LJ cut.

2. All stories must focus on Lee, Kara or Kara/Lee. (No Kara/other or Lee/other, please.)

3. The following information must be provided for all stories posted.
Title, author, rating, summary, spoilers and a disclaimer (before the cut).

4. Please tag your entries as "fanfiction" and tag for author, rating, genre and era as helpful. If you do not have an author tag, PM a mod or leave a comment to your post.

Media Posts
1. Please place large images, fanart or wallpapers behind a LJ cut.

2. If you are posting a lot of icons (more than five), please use a LJ cut. You may put a few ‘teaser’ icons (non-spoilery) outside the cut, but once again, please be careful with regards to spoiler pictures in the teasers. If the icons inside the cut contain spoilers, please say so in your post.

3. Icons/art/vids focusing on just Apollo or Starbuck are allowed.

4. Please tag your entries appropriately.